Vanor – Games to Amaze are a tabletop games production team operating in Israel, publishing games to both local and international markets.

Our first game, Vanor Roleplay Adventures – an adaptation of the Dungeon World RPG- was released in 2013, in Hebrew.

Currently working on Champions of Fate, a co-operative card game, as well as other products in the Vanor setting.

We also published an Hebrew translations of Lasers & Feelings, by John Harper of One.Seven Design studio.


Aviv M. Icel, Game Designer

Aviv M. Icel, Game Designer
Aviv “Icel” Manoach is a game designer, blogger and digital marketing professional.  He has been the Editor in Chief of IceL.me since April 2012.

Navot Ram, Design Consultant

Navot Ram, Design Consultant
Husband, father of two, Freelance Designer and history buff. His passion is creating beautifully designed websites and applications.

Eran Aviram, Editor

The translator of Dungeon and Dragons and Pathfinder to Hebrew, owner of the blog (and formerly the gaming store) “Tactica”. He organizes conventions, edit manuals and design games, and is generally pleasant and well groomed.

Roi Gaash, Producer

A psychology and mass communications major, entrepreneur & business owner with 20 years of experience in tabletop games.