Champions of Fate

Vanor: Champions of Fate is a co-operative card game in which 1-3 players explore locations in the magitech infused Vanor campaign setting to complete encounters and stop the plots of evil villain masterminds.

Each player pick a deck from one of three classes: the Fighter, Thief and Wizard. Each class has unique moves and abilities to overcome encounters and help the party progress in the adventure.

When discovering new locations, player face encounters, which can be both friendly- and offer special advantages- or hostile, and need to be overcome. Completing encounters uses a similar mechanics to crisis resolution: each encounter require a number of different stat tokens, and the party work together to combo cards which will allow them to build enough tokens to defeat the encounter.

The goal of the game is determined by a set of scenario cards the players pick at the beginning, and would usually require defeating a villain encounter. The players may lose the game if one of their characters dies, or if they’re forced to remove every card from their deck.