First Alpha Playtest and New Brand Graphics

This past Saturday we ran the first official playtest for Champions of Fate, now known as Alpha 1, using Tabletopia. It went… fine. Some elements worked as intended. Some didn’t. Tough conclusions were made. After a couple of hours to think about the test, I wrote a long list of action items to implement for the next alpha – I hope to run at least one test a week, more when the rules will be a bit more stable. I keep reminding myself: adapt, or die! 😉

Here are some screenshots I took from the playtest:

The other thing that happen this week was I got a new game idea and started writing down and brain storming the concept. Obviously it’s not going to get any work done on it until Champions is shipped, but a designer cannot waste good ideas, and an idea left un-developed may be lost forever, so it’s important to strike while the iron is hot. During this brain storming stage, I picked up some cool reference articles more people can probably use, so here are they:

If you follow me on twitter (@icel), you might have seen those already. I also ordered myself Lords of Waterdeep.

In other news, our amazing designer Navot Ram has finished the new Vanor logo and branding materials, as you can see both on the site and Facebook page. Here is the Champions box art after including the new graphic:

Champions of fate revamp box art


That’s all for now.

P.S. for our Hebrew speaking fans, we recorded the playtest sessions and you can watch it here.

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