Cutting the GM Out

In this second post of Road to Kickstarter, I’ll discuss the core gameplay used in Champions of Fate, and how recent playtesting affected the game.

In the first introduction to Champions of Fate, we talked a lot about how the GM player facilitate the game by building the adventure map and controlling encounters. Well, we cut them out. After the first playtest we realized that the GM doesn’t have a lot to do and becomes adversarial to the other players, since his main function is to decide which player get to take damage from monsters. That is not constructive for co-operative gameplay.

So, the GM is out. The whole party will read the adventure cards that tells them how to create the scenario they’re going to play. The party will put the needed cards into the location deck, which will be drawn, one at a time, whenever the party moves forward. They will deal treasure card and make the Hoard.

Back to core gameplay: in Champions of Fate the players build a deck, based on the class they choose. Experienced players will consider the scenario they face and the items they receive at the start of the game while building the deck. The game manual will include a list of cards for a premade deck that beginner players can use.

Broadly speaking, each encounter require a number of different stat tokens, and the party works together to combine cards which will allow them to build enough tokens to defeat the encounter. The players may lose the game if one of their characters dies, or if they’re forced to remove every card from their deck.

A player will not only take into account which cards work well together, but will need to consider, over the course of the game, which cards to keep in hand and which to discard. On the one hand, a player will want to go through their deck again and again, since they want to draw their big combos. But on the other hand, each time they reshuffle their deck they grow closer to failure, since it forces them to remove cards for it.

Chasing treasure also becomes an integral part of the players strategy, not only because of the synergy between their move and treasure cards, but also because treasure cards are added to their deck and will delay the game’s failure condition. Also, going through the treasure deck will allow players to draw Artifacts and add them to the Hoard. Artifact give permanent, powerful abilities that can aid the players greatly.

Next time: we’ll talk about the different cards available and maybe show an example for defeating an encounter. Stay tuned.


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  1. i think you instead of choosing the cards from the pile you will draw 3 cards, choose one and add to your deck, then repeat it until you have 30, somewhat like heartstone draft deckbuilding.

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