Upping the Pressure

Ah, what a week it was!
First, we mostly completed writing an initial draft of the rulebook.

Second, we got approved on the BoardGameGeek database. You can check the Champions of Fate page, become a fan and subscribe to it. I’m still getting used to adding information through their system, it isn’t the easiest of things! The BGG page, as well as the Tabletopia online play page, have a copy of the rules for you to download- so. basically, you can play the current alpha version of the game by yourselves. Hooray!

And lastly, today we had another playtesting session that went very well. The game works! Obviously we still got more updates and polishing to do, but the core gameplay works as intended. In about 2-3 more sessions we’ll be ready to move into the beta stage and release print & play version for you to test at the convenience of your own homes. One of the main things we kept track of this session was the correct order of actions as detailed by the new rules, and it worked great.

The biggest change for the next alpha iteration is going to be upping the difficulty of the game. Since as it stands, the game is a race for the players to complete the adventure before they run out of resources, the game need to pressure them a lot harder than it currently does. As part of this change, moving around the adventure map need to have a greater effect on the actions of the players, as currently, unless there is an active skirmish on the map, the players can go to wherever they please.

That’s it for this update.
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