What is Champions of Fate?

Champions of Fate is a card game, loosely adapted from the rules of the Dungeon World role-playing game, of which Vanor is based on. It’s a cooperative game, where a group of 2 to 4 players play together to complete an adventure.

One of the players plays as the GM- like is a tabletop RPG. Their role is to facilitate the progression of the game and play the opposition. The other players take on one of 3 class decks: the Fighter, the Wizard or the Thief.

At the beginning of the game, the GM can generate a random Adventure using special cards that will direct them which locations will be used in the placement of the Adventure Map, which encounters the party my face and what gear and treasure they may loot. The GM may also choose not to use random generation but to select all component themselves.

The main mechanic behind Champions of Fate is crisis resolution, drawing inspiration from games like The Resistance, Dead of Winter and Battlestar Galactica. The each player uses their Move cards to generate tokens that are required to complete Encounters. During to course of an adventure, the players will need to think strategically about which locations they wish to visit and which encounters to complete, regarding what moves, resources and treasures they have available.

Since the map itself the encounters are hidden, and the moves drawn are randomized, there is a distinct possibility of the party failing to complete encounters and ultimately losing the to the villains.

Next time, we will start to discuss the different types of card and roles the game offers.

Illustration for a neutral wizard card in CoF.

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